Calgary Walking Tours


Ghost Tour Descriptions

Downtown Calgary

Come and join as we explore the Ghostly Haunts of Downtown Calgary.  You'll  hear about strange goings on at  Firehouse 1 and the ghosts of the Chamber of Commerce Building, local restaurants  and more.
So put on comfortable shoes, appropriate clothing and your open mind. Feel free to bring your camera as we explore the "other side" of Calgary.


Inglewood is a section of Calgary with a very high proportion of spirits. Join us as we learn about the beginnings of Calgary, the Northwest Mounted Police, a local curse, the Father who watches over his daughter, mischievous spirits in a local business and many many more.


Learn about Stevie, Ezra Riley, Dopplegangers, the history of a local memorial garden and many other spirits who haunt this part of Calgary.


Find out about a tragic murder suicide, decide who still haunts the Lougheed building, who roams the Moxam/Congress apartments and some fun history along the way.


 You'll explore Downtown Banff (including the cemetery ) and hear stories about the area.

Pub Walks

This unique haunted tavern tour will get you up close and close with the "spirits' of Calgary.  In the tradition of English Pub Crawls, your tour guide will lead you to three of Calgary's most haunted bars and taverns.  At each location, you will have the opportunity  to enjoy a beverage, sit back, and relax while you hear intoxicating tales of the pubs haunted history.